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For more than a decade, Sysvine has been providing our clients with reliable enterprise application development services. Our engineers have profound knowledge of market trends and have successfully delivered more than 100 applications in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.  Recent studies reveal that, on average, one in five person spend 4.5 hours per day on mobile devices of which, 90% is spent on mobile apps. This time spent significantly increases every year.  We have partnered with several Fortune 500 companies to achieve their digital transformation goals.

Our Capabilities

Native Mobile Apps

We specialize in the development of Native Mobile Apps, meticulously engineered and optimized for both iOS and Android platforms. These apps make full use of platform-specific languages such as Swift and Kotlin to ensure unmatched performance and a seamlessly immersive user experience.

With our Native Mobile Apps, you can expect:

Cross-platform Apps

Cross-platform mobile apps are mobile applications that are developed to run on multiple mobile operating systems using a single codebase. Compared to Native mobile apps the development time and cost are reduced by 50%.  We are proficient in cross-platform technologies such as React Native, Flutter, and Xamarin.  

The key advantages of our Cross-platform Apps are:

Hybrid Mobile Apps

Through our Hybrid Mobile Apps, we leverage the web technologies to develop mobile applications. Hybrid applications give consistent look and feel across platforms.  Using frameworks like Electron, Ionic and PhoneGap, we create applications that seamlessly run on multiple platforms, all while sharing a unified codebase.  

The advantages of our Hybrid Apps are:

What we develop

Healthcare Apps

We are transforming the healthcare industry with our cutting-edge Healthcare Apps, elevating patient care, optimizing operations, and fostering seamless communication between healthcare providers and patients.

Our Healthcare Apps encompass a range of powerful features, including:

FinTech Apps

In the rapidly changing financial industry, our FinTech Apps deliver secure, streamlined, and user-centric solutions for financial management, payments, investments, and beyond. 

Our FinTech Apps feature:

Knowledge Apps

Our expertise lies in creating Knowledge Apps tailored for e-learning platforms, educational institutions, and organizations aiming to provide information-rich content and immersive learning experiences. 

Our Knowledge Apps showcase the following features:

InsureTech Apps

Revolutionize the insurance sector using our cutting-edge InsureTech Apps, meticulously designed and engineered to seamlessly optimize insurance workflows, elevate customer interactions to new heights, and dramatically boost operational effectiveness and efficiency. 

Our InsureTech Apps encompass the following features:

Mixed Reality Apps

Step into the future with our cutting-edge Mixed Reality Apps, seamlessly combining virtual and augmented reality technologies to deliver captivating user experiences. 

Our Mixed Reality Apps encompass a range of exciting features, including:

Smart City Apps

Play a role in the development of intelligent and interconnected cities through our cutting-edge Smart City Apps, harnessing the power of IoT and data analytics to elevate urban living. 

Our Smart City Apps may incorporate:

ERP Apps

Enhance your business efficiency with our advanced ERP Apps, designed to seamlessly integrate and optimize various organizational processes. 

Our ERP Apps provide a wide range of functionalities, including:

Employee Engagement

Boost employee productivity using our Employee Engagement Apps, fostering improved communication and collaboration within organizations.

Our Employee Engagement Apps feature a range of functionalities, including:

Enterprise Apps

We specialize in crafting bespoke Enterprise Apps that cater precisely to the distinct requirements of businesses across various industries. 

Our Enterprise Apps deliver a spectrum of advantages, including:

Our Expertise


Leveraging our proficiency in Swift, we stand out in crafting iOS applications that exhibit top-notch performance and a wealth of features. Swift, the preferred language for iOS app development, empowers us to deliver robust, secure, and user-friendly apps that offer an unparalleled user experience. 

Our Swift development capabilities encompass:



With our mastery of Kotlin, we possess the prowess to design compelling and high-performing Android applications that shine in the fiercely competitive market. As a modern and expressive language, Kotlin empowers us to develop scalable and easily maintainable Android apps. 

Our Kotlin development expertise encompass:


At the cutting edge of cross-platform mobile app development, Flutter is our forte, allowing us to create visually captivating and high-performing apps across both iOS and Android platforms. 

Our proficiency in this technology encompass:


With our proficiency in Electron, we excel in crafting robust desktop applications, accessible across diverse operating systems. Leveraging Electron’s versatility, we deliver feature-rich apps with seamless user experiences.

Our Electron development capabilities encompass:

React Native

Utilizing React Native’s capabilities, we harness the potential of JavaScript to expertly craft efficient and visually stunning mobile apps, ensuring compatibility with both iOS and Android platforms.

Our React Native development expertise includes:


Leveraging our profound proficiency in Xamarin, we excel in developing high-quality and efficient applications tailored for diverse industries. Our expertise extends to both native Android and iOS platforms, harnessing the power of C# for robust app development.

Our Xamarin development capabilities encompass:

Native Platforms
Cross-platform Frameworks
Hybrid Frameworks
Enterprise Mobility
Augmented Reality Frameworks
Virtual Reality Frameworks
Push Notification Services
Mobile Analytics
Mobile payment tools
Healthcare Integrations
Swift Libraries
Kotlin Libraries
Flutter Libraries
React Native Libraries


Chief Architect, Mobile App Product Company, Atlanta, USA

"You have been freaking awesome the last couple of days…"

Chief Architect - Mobile App Product Company, Atlanta, USA

Chief Architect, Mobile Framework Company, Atlanta, USA

"We cannot tell you how excited we were to install this version and see it working as we had envisioned….you are doing a good job. The last piece of functionality was a little tricky, however, you were able to conquer it…"

Chief Architect - Mobile Framework Company, Atlanta, USA

CTO, Mobile App for a Retail Chain, USA

Graphically, your work looks and feels exactly the same as the specifications. Good work. You are progressing faster than I was expecting.

CTO - Mobile App for a Retail Chain, USA

CTO, Software Product Firm, USA

"You guys are awesome…working smart and going above & beyond"

CTO - Software Product Firm, USA

CTO, Software Product Firm, USA

"Our product launch for 2.0 has gone well. Thank you for all your hard work. We appreciate your work. It would not be where it is, without your help"

CTO - Software Product Firm, USA

CTO, Software Product Firm, USA

"Thank you for the detailed analysis! This is the type of error reporting that we need, with clear & detailed use cases, along with accurate results. This helped us in immediate diagnosis and fixing of the difficult problem we faced for months. Thank you for your team’s efforts in making our product successful."

CTO - Software Product Firm, USA