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Sysvine HealthPractice

Sysvine HealthPractice is a comprehensive, secure, flexible, customizable, and easy-to-use solution for hospitals and clinics that integrates all its departments and branches that are geographically separated. HealthPractice is our flexible, customizable solution for Provider Care Management System and Electronic Health Records (EMR/EHR). It is designed for both primary care and multi-specialty providers. It addresses all the major functional areas of modern multi-specialty hospitals, including admissions, laboratory, radiology, billing, insurance submissions, and outpatient clinics. The platform enables improved patient care and efficiency at an affordable price. The platform is configurable and secure with authentication and access control for each module or sub-module.


In-Patient Services

Patient Registration, Quick Registration, OP, OB & IP, Bed and Ward Management, Bed Transfer, Temporary Bed allocation, Bed Availability Report, Operation Theatre Management, Admission Management, Discharge Management with single click summary with the consolidated bill, Case Sheet Management, Surgery Management, Order Management are seamlessly integrated with all departments such as Pharmacy, Labs and Radiology.

OP and Appointments

Patient Tracking and Management; Multiple Providers, Queues; Customizable services offered in the hospital; OP Orders and Billing; HL7 Integration with Pharmacy, Labs, and Radiology Providers.

Patient Records (EMR/EHR)

Manage History, Screening, Diagnosis, Prescription, Advice, and Allergies electronically; Ability to integrate Diagnostic Lab Reports, Imaging reports, and Images into the single integrated medical record for the patient; Easy and intuitive user interface, Order management: Drug order, X-Ray, Ultrasound, Lab request; Real-time Integration with Video Devices including Ultrasound Scans and Laparoscopic Cameras; Incident Tracking Surveillance Diseases, Communicable Diseases, NCDs, ICD-10 Coding, Accident Data capture, Birth and Death Records.


Customizable worklists with workflows, Queue Management, and Department Queue Management. Physicians and providers can create their worklists and set up workflows. In-built worklists for appointments, admissions, ER.


Lab Order Tracking integrated with Patient Record; Completely customize the laboratory report by the basic view, column view, and grouping view; Microbiology reports; Group within a Group in lab test; Predefining the result fields manually; Scanned Paper Reports; Barcode Integration; Facility to include Methods and Specimens; Ability to support External Lab Patients


X-Ray Orders Tracking integrated with Patient Record; X-Ray Reports; Ultrasound Scan Orders and Reports; Customizable Ultrasound Reports; CT Scan Orders and Reports; Customizable CT Reports; MRI Scan Orders and Reports; Customizable MRI Reports; Real-time Video Capture interface with US Modalities; DICOM Interface with US Modalities; Incident Tracking Surveillance Diseases, Communicable Diseases, NCDs; ICD-10 Coding; Accident Data capture. Ability to support External Radiology Patients

Pharmacies and Dispensaries

Point of Sale; Manage prices for Drugs; Manage Schedule Drugs; Manage Stocks; Stock transfer facilities to Multi Dispensary; Pharmacy sales with electronic prescription/paper prescription; Reports for all regulatory and statutory obligations; Cash Management process with cash payments and cash receipts completely integrated; Inventory & Stock Reports; Expiry Drug Report

ERP: Billing & Receipts

Centralized/Integrated Medical Billing Module with Reports, Integrated with Patient Record to reduce Leakages. Direct Billing, Insurance Billing, Billing at Pharmacy, Billing at Hospital, Cash Collection, Cash Payments, Cash Advances, Cash Refunds; Credit card/Check payment, and tracking. All revenue based reporting and dashboards

ERP: Procurement

Manage purchases from Manufacturers, Suppliers and Vendors, Supply Chain Management, Procurement Management; Contract Management: Supplier and Vendor Records; Supplier Relationship Management, Supplier Database, Sourcing Queries, Second Sourcing and Supplier Audits.

ERP: Inventory

Manage Inventory, Manage Stocks, Manage Re-Orders of Stock, Track High-Value Inventory, Track Non-Moving Stock, Master Data Management, and Expense Management. Transfers of stocks between departments like wards, nursing stations, pharmacies, and other dispensaries.

ERP: Accounting

Managing Patient Invoices, Payments, Vendor Bills, Tax Adjustments, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Business Statements, Legal Statements, Cash Flow Statements, Payment Acquirers, Payment transactions.

ERP: Reports and Analytics

Reports and Dashboards for Hospital Management, Compliance Reports, Custom Reports (On Request), Taxation Report, many Financial and Operational Reports with report level security. Analytics like Episode Analytics, Comorbidity Analysis, Length of Stay Analytics (LOS Analytics), Poverty Analytics, Homelessness Analytics, Provider Performance Analytics, Payer Performance Analytics, Patient Continuum Analytics; Outcome Analytics like Quality Outcome Analytics, Experience Outcome Analytics, and Cost Outcome Analytics.



Eye Surgery; Keratometry Examinations; Spectacles Examinations; Diagnosis, Primary Complaints, and Patient history record; Detailed vision examination reports


Managing patient’s obstetrics and gynecology history; Antenatal care examination record for the patient and her fetus; Auto expected delivery date calculation from the last menstrual period; Managing Birth Records, Stillbirth Records, and Death Records; Birth Certificate; Antenatal care reports; Patient-to-Patient Relationship


Radiology Orders Tracking integrated with Patient Record, X-Ray Orders, and Reports, Customizable X-Ray Reports, Ultrasound Scan Orders, and Reports. Customizable Ultrasound Reports, CT Scan Orders and Reports; Customizable CT Reports, MRI Scan Orders and Reports; Customizable MRI Reports, Real-time Video Capture interface with Modalities; DICOM Interface with US Modalities; Incident Tracking Surveillance Diseases, Communicable Diseases, NCDs; ICD-10 Coding; Accident Data capture; Surgery Management with video recording facility.


Calendar; Case Notes; Letter Writer; Invoicing; Reports; Easily make appointments; Make recurring appointments; Colour coded appointments; Appointment limits; Waiting to list; Room view; Practitioner schedules; Text/SMS & email reminders; Appointment Search; Track patient’s progress


Cardiovascular Examinations, Cardiovascular Surgery Management; Cardiology Procedures: Investigations, Risk profile, Angiography, and Angioplasty; Other Valvuloplasty Procedures; EP Procedure Management, and Pacemakers.


Managing complete ENT history, Family History of Deafness; Examination templates for Inspecting the External Ear, Inspecting the Ear Canal, Eardrum, and Tympanic Membrane.


Automated Pediatric practices like managing Growth Chart, Vaccination Chart, Progress Measurement, Prescribed Medicines, Vaccination Reports. Instant Monitoring and previous Medical Records of Child Health.


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