Knowledge Engineering

Knowledge engineering has been called a part of the fourth industrial revolution. Our Knowledge engineers work to translate human expertise into what’s called a knowledge-based system that can replicate someone’s answer. These systems tackle complex, high-level problems where an industry expert would be called upon. The arrival of Google and big data have made Knowledge Engineering Solutions very efficient and popular. Sysvine’s Knowledge Engineering Services (KES) practice includes Specialized Search apps, Artificial Intelligence based solutions, Smart City apps, Cloud apps with highly optimized Search Engines (SEO), and more.


Our Engineers have experience in vertical search platforms such as Elasticsearch, AWS, or Google Cloud Search API and Solr. We have built various custom visual applications for Aeronautical Engineers, Material Scientists, Legal professionals, Geoscientists, Chemists, Chemical Engineers, and Healthcare professionals.

Artificial Intelligence

Bot development service is the combination of AI and low-resistance interface that assists users to ask questions, deliver facts, or express a wish through speech and text. Using our AI, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and Deep Learning experience, we can build bots that will allow you to interact, engage, and even transact with your users anytime and anywhere.

Smart City Apps

We have been developing Smart City Apps since 2014 for cities like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. Our areas of Expertise:
Information Beacons for Citizens, Information Beacons for Small Businesses, Active Safety, Smart Transportation of people, Smart Transportation of goods, Smart Housing.

Smart Employee Engagement Apps

Companies are finding innovative ways to engage their employees by integrating their strategy with apps that can measure engagement quotients, motivate, and encourage employees to engage with social activities, volunteering, and reward higher-performing individuals. All these engagements are performed via digital and cloud-based apps that are intuitive and smart. We have expertise in Employee-Community Partnership management, Remote Coaching, Culture Management, Flexible Time management, and Social smart apps.

Machine Learning & Cluster Computing

We have been blessed to work in various ML Modeling with Big Data using Apache Spark, Interactive Query on AWS EMR, Azure Databricks, and Azure HDInsight platforms. We have built data pipelines along with ML models in Retail Pricing Engines, Retail Market Search, Population Health, and Private Equity Fund Management.

Marketing Automation

Sysvine believes that all proven marketing tactics should generate ideal customers for a business. We help clients develop platforms for CPaaS, Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation, Customer Acquisition, Search Engine Marketing, SEO. The only goal of these smart platforms is to create the best web marketing environment and landscape for success. Some of our expertise include:
Digital Gift Management, Marketing Automation, Marketing Research, Social Media Apps, Lead Generation based on Analytics.


Director, Operations & IT, Educational Media Enterprise, Atlanta, USA

"Your team has been very helpful and dedicated towards our cause-intuitive education through technology. We are glad to have chosen Sysvine for our product engineering. Looking forward to continued business in the upcoming years."

Director, Operations & IT - Educational Media Enterprise, Atlanta, USA

Technical Project Manager, Knowledge Engineering Product Firm, New York, USA

"There were many new tools and technologies to explore and project had a very aggressive timeline, and Sysvine rose to the challenge, delivered the project on time and exceeded all set expectations..."

Technical Project Manager - Knowledge Engineering Product Firm, New York, USA

Project Director, Fortune 500 Knowledge Management Company, New York, USA

"Sysvine’s Quality Engineering team did a splendid job with testing, surfacing, documenting and most importantly triaging bugs, in spite of being added at the very end to the project. I’d like to give a shout-out to the entire team!!"

Project Director - Fortune 500 Knowledge Management Company, New York, USA

CEO, Educational Software Firm, USA

"It looks amazing Team! You have really killed it. Wish we could all be little "flies on the wall" for the presentation. I know it will be a wonderful event. Management team is so proud of all you guys have created. GO TEAM!”

CEO - Educational Software Firm, USA

CTO, Knowledge Engineering Product Firm, Tokyo, Japan

"The agility with which the team adjusted to the changes was amazing. Sysvine’s diligence and dedication to go above and beyond to deliver this project is the main reason we were able to succeed...."

CTO - Knowledge Engineering Product Firm, Tokyo, Japan

Product Manager, Fortune 500 Knowledge Management Company, New York, USA

"There has never been a blocker bug that went to production ever since Sysvine team took over the testing of our platform. The team is smart and dedicated. Makes sure quality is not compromised under any situation. You are proactive; you are passionate about quality of work…"

Product Manager - Fortune 500 Knowledge Management Company, New York, USA

Lead Architect, Geological Cloud App Software Firm, New York, USA

"…Having Sysvine’s QE team independently testing is such a HUGE help!, …we are really, really happy with all your efforts….."

Lead Architect - Geological Cloud App Software Firm, New York, USA

Product Director, Knowledge Management Company, New York, USA

"Thanks for always keeping us on track…. Before you came along, we didn’t know that development could be this organized! It had always been sort of “flying by the seat of our pants"

Product Director - Knowledge Management Company, New York, USA

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