Healthcare Technologies

We specialize in crafting state-of-the-art Healthcare Technology Solutions that exemplify your care for your patients. Our expansive portfolio includes customizable Electronic Health Records (EHRs) that support Value Based Care, Coordinated Care, Hospital Management Solutions, HiE Integration, Population Health Data Analytics, and more…

Value-Based Care

We excel in building Population Health Management, leveraging data for Improved Patient Outcomes, resulting in efficient reimbursement models. Embrace the future of healthcare with our expertise in Value-Based Care Trends, ensuring efficiency, patient-centricity, and financial sustainability. We also assist in formulating KPIs to measure care quality for various programs, including the End-Stage Renal Disease Quality Incentive Program, Hospital Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) Program, Hospital Readmission Reduction Program (HRRP), Physician Value-Based Modifier (PVBM), Hospital Acquired Conditions (HAC) Reduction Program, Skilled Nursing Facility Value-Based Purchasing (SNFVBP), and Home Health Value-Based Purchasing (HHVBP).

Coordinated Care

Our achievements in Coordinated Healthcare Delivery and Healthcare Coordination Strategies underscore our commitment to enhancing patient outcomes and improving provider communication. We provide Interdisciplinary Healthcare and data-driven coordination, benefiting both patients and providers. With a proven track record of optimizing care coordination, we consistently enhance patient experiences and outcomes. Our seamless solutions enable the review and updating of care plans, reflecting changes in patient conditions or preferences, ultimately improving care quality while reducing costs. Experience a patient-centric healthcare future with our expertise in coordinated care models, patient care coordination, and healthcare coordination solutions.

Population Health Analytics

Unlock the potential of data with our Population Health Management and Healthcare Analytics Solutions. We specialize in providing actionable insights that elevate care quality, reduce costs, and enable informed decision-making. Rely on our Healthcare Metrics and Reporting for data-informed decisions. Explore a range of analytics, including Clinical Intelligence (Quality & Safety Analysis, Provider Profiles, Clinical Data History), Operational Intelligence (Financial Analysis, Claims, Profitability, Resource Analysis), Patient Intelligence, Patient Churn Analysis, Patient Behavior Analysis, and Population & Demographics Analysis.

Revenue Cycle Management

We are strong in streamlining billing, coding, and payment processes, focusing on Healthcare Revenue Management to maximize revenue while minimizing administrative burdens. Our solutions enhance overall Revenue Cycle Performance, promoting efficiency and financial well-being. Specializing in Revenue Cycle Automation, we optimize claims processing and revenue recovery. Our solutions facilitate direct claim transmission to clearinghouses such as RealMed, Emdeon, Medicare, and Medicaid. We seamlessly integrate Patient Management Systems (EMR/EHR) with provider-facing web-services engines and portals for claims processing. Leveraging EDI ANSI X12 formats like 837/835, 270/271, 276/277, and standards such as NCPDP 5.1 and D.0, we offer comprehensive claims solutions.

HIE Integration

Experience seamless HIE Integration Solutions with our expertise in Health Data Exchange and HIE Connectivity. We specialize in connecting systems for patient care coordination, fostering Healthcare Interoperability.  We prioritize Health Information Exchange Benefits, including data security and compliance. Rely on our proficiency in Health Information Exchange Implementation and HIE Best Practices for successful Integration Services. Our approach harmonizes data from different healthcare segments, integrating EHR/EMR software like Athenahealth, Allscripts, Cerner, Dr. Chrono, Epic, MEDITECH, OpenEMR, and others. We offer scalable HIE integrations to exchange EHR/EMR data from diverse healthcare systems through HL7/FHIR interface engines.

SDOH Integration

Through SDOH Data Analysis, we drive interventions to reduce health disparities and promote Healthcare Equity actively. By incorporating SDOH Solutions and a robust SDOH Framework, we actively promote health equity and social health equality. We prioritize SDOH Assessment and Data Collection to inform our healthcare strategies and initiatives, ensuring we stay at the forefront of SDOH Research. Join us in making a difference by implementing an effective SDOH Strategy that transforms healthcare outcomes and ensures better well-being for all. Our proven track record in developing systems addressing key SDOH subtopics has improved patient engagement, personalized care, and enhanced population health.

Ambulatory Care

Elevate Ambulatory Care Software with our comprehensive technology suite, featuring advanced EMR/EHR solutions. Our dedicated team excels at streamlining record-keeping, enhancing accessibility, and prioritizing patient safety through our innovative Ambulatory Care Technology. By focusing on Ambulatory Practice Management and Ambulatory Care Systems, we empower healthcare providers with enhanced efficiency and top-notch security. Our Outpatient Care Solutions offer a seamless ambulatory care workflow, allowing your practice to operate with precision and ease. Explore a wide range of Ambulatory Care Benefits to ensure that your practice delivers exceptional care and achieves optimal patient outcomes. We are committed to driving Ambulatory Care efficiency and guaranteeing a successful Ambulatory Care Implementation. With our solutions, your practice can deliver top-tier care and elevate patient outcomes to the highest standards.

Electronic Health Records

Discover the future of healthcare record-keeping with our Cloud-Based EMR and EHR Software as a Service solution. We’re committed to ensuring EHR Data Security to protect your patient records, and our seamless EMR and EHR Integration promotes interoperability, elevating healthcare delivery. With our Cloud EMR Services, you’ll experience efficient cloud-based medical record management that enhances operational efficiency. Our innovative solutions bring numerous EMR and EHR Benefits, from streamlining data management to improving healthcare delivery. We also provide Lab system integration, E-prescription modules, patient portal integration, and patient repository with demographics and medication history for enhanced patient care. Our adherence to healthcare standards like HL7, CCD/CCR, ICD, LOINC, and the development of cloud-based healthcare applications enrich our offerings.

Healthcare AI

Embark on a pioneering journey in healthcare transformation with our state-of-the-art Healthcare Artificial Intelligence Solutions and deep expertise in Medical AI and AI in Healthcare. We’re pioneers in utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Healthcare, uncovering clinical insights, predictive analytics, and personalized patient care. Our commitment to AI-ML for Personalized Medicine means every patient gets tailored, data-driven healthcare solutions. We prioritize the ethical use of AI in Medical Research, continually advancing Healthcare AI Technology. Join us in this transformative era of healthcare, where innovation and ethics converge to enhance patient care and healthcare outcomes. Our capabilities include cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) for insights from clinical notes and medical literature, as well as Predictive Analytics to assess risks across diverse populations, ensuring precise care.

Compliance Verification

Effortlessly navigate healthcare compliance with our cutting-edge Healthcare Compliance Verification Software Solutions.  We are experienced in Healthcare Compliance Management, committed to maintaining industry standards. With our advanced Healthcare Compliance Technology, you can smoothly transition to Compliance Automation, reducing manual checks and improving efficiency. Compliance Verification brings far-reaching benefits, enhancing operations and risk management. We’re here to guide you to Compliance Verification Success, safeguarding compliance and data integrity in the ever-changing healthcare landscape. We remain committed to compliance and privacy regulations, including HIPAA, GDPR, NCPDP, FDA, ONC, MDR, SAMHSA, IVDR, MACRA, MIPS, and CEHRT.

Healthcare Mobile Apps

We specialize in Medical Mobile App Development, crafting solutions tailored to the unique demands of healthcare. You can choose our seamless Mobile Health App Solutions, enabling Telehealth Mobile Apps and supporting Remote Patient Monitoring Apps. Our dedication to Healthcare App Compliance ensures a user-friendly experience while adhering to healthcare regulations. Our Healthcare Mobile Applications are part of the Sysvine HealthPractice product suite, offering various mobile solutions, including Patient Self-registration, Wait-list Management, Pre-eligibility and Certification, Clinical Trial Management, Remote Patient Monitoring, Orders for lab and medical tests, Prescription Management, and Appointment scheduling.

Hospital ERP

Revolutionize hospital management with our Healthcare ERP Solutions, enhancing efficiency and streamlining administration through our advanced Hospital ERP System. With expertise in SaaS for Hospital Management and seamless Hospital ERP Integration, we ensure top operational efficiency. Specializing in ERP solutions that encompass all aspects of healthcare management, including financials and supply chain, our modular Hospital ERP System can be tailored to your unique needs, complete with robust security. From Implementation to reporting and analytics, we’re committed to enhancing your Hospital ERP Efficiency. We relish at crafting custom Hospital ERP solutions, developing key modules like Finance, Purchase, Sales, Inventory Management, and Invoicing from the ground up.

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